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10 things to look for when picking a nursing home

By Teri Dreher
Having to choose a nursing home for a loved one is a daunting task. It’s an emotionally difficult time, and figuring out the financial piece can be overwhelming in itself.

Beyond that, it’s critical to pick a quality facility where your loved one will be happy and receive great care. So plan on visiting multiple facilities and taking your time there.

Be observant. Be unapologetic about asking questions. And be sure to do your background research.

1. High Medicare ratings

2. Few state-recorded complaints

3. Low staff turnover rates & patient/staff ratios

4. Low infection rates

5. Stable, experienced leadership

6. A quality rehabilitation staff/PT department

7. Praise from families of long-term patients

8. Healthy, delicious food and trained chef oversight

9. A family counsel group

10. Warm staff/patient interactions

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