Illinois Nursing Home Guide


Frequently asked questions

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What aspects of care are most important to you?

When considering moving into a nursing home, you should determine what specific needs are necessary and what is best for your specific family situation.

What types of care is available and what is the associated costs?

There are a large variety of different nursing homes available throughout Illinois. These vary in size and services that they provide for the residents. This is why it is important to research thoroughly each home, online and in person.

Can family and friends visit at any time?

Nursing homes have different rules for visitors entering their facilities. It is important to check what is allowed if your are expecting family or friends to be able to visit the home often.

Do residents have choices in their daily routines?

It is important to understand the schedule of meals and options available to residents of the nursing home based on the needs of the individuals who will be residing their.

What is the staff to resident ratio?

It is important to learn how many residents are living in the facility and how many staff members are working during each shift over 24 hours and on week days or weekends.

Do the residents have the same care givers on a daily basis?

It is important for the residents to be able to become familiar with their care givers. Facilities that keep staff in the same wing each time they work can better familiarize themselves with the residents to be in better touch their individual needs.